Diesel Locomotives

No. 2198

Built new by the Pennsylvania Railroad in May 1963 as no. 2250. The 2250 was re-numbered 2198 when the PRR recieved a series of new GP-35's. The 2198 received a complete rebuild in October 1978 with 645 powers assemblies, and all new major components.

The 2198 operated mostly in PA, NY and NJ. Conrail retired the 2198 on May 16, 1991 with less than 200,000 miles on her engine components. Conrail offered the 2198 and 200 other engines for sale by sealed bid in 1996. A sucessful bidder purchased the 2198 and two other units and sold the 2198 to the NH&I.

The 2198 was restored to service after replacing 2 contactors, 16 injectors, 9 batteries, a water pump and 240 gallons of oil. The 2198 was placed in service on February 2, 1997 after passing it's FRA inspection. Repainted in a new NH&I paint scheme during the summer of 1997 the 2198 serves as motive power for freight and work trains as well as the substitute passenger engine.

Recently, the 2198 was sold to Rail Power Inc., a consortium of three full-time NHRR employees who lease the engine to the NHRR.

No. 9423
SW-1 600 HP
Diesel Switcher

Built by the Electro Motive Division of General Motors, November 1950 (#11217). The 9423 was built for the Pennsylvania Railroad where is was used as a yard switcher in Railroad yards throughout the midwest and the northeast. The 9423 managed to survive until the Penn Centeral merged in 1968 and was renumbered 8523.

By PC days the 8523 had been regulated to service on local freights or yard switching. The 8523 functioned in this capacity until Amtrak took over the Northeast Corridor, at which time the unit came under their control. As the 252, and later as the 739, the locomotive powered work trains and yard switching.

Privately purchased by AF Railway Industries in 1986, arrangements were made to store the loco on the NHIR, where it was eventually renumbered the 9423 and repainted in a black PRR scheme. During the latter half of the 1980s the switcher was leased by the New Hope Steam Railway as their primary passenger locomotive, although it was used occasionally in freight service.

In 1993 the 9423 lost its PRR paint scheme when it was repainted blue and lettered New Hope and Ivyland Railroad. Presently, the 9423 serves the N.H.&I.R.R. in many capacities.

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Diesel Locomotives


Diesel Locomotives