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October 6th through October 31st

Step into a realm of fun and thrilling activities this year with our spectacularly revamped Halloween excursion, “No Hope After Dark.”

This year, we changed it up by creating a new Halloween Festival. Spanning 100 minutes, your adventure will whisk you away to the eerie corners of our freshly unveiled scare maze.

Our train will depart from New Hope to our festival in
Lahaska, where you will venture through our brand-new haunted maze, where live actors lurk around every twisted turn. But fear not! The night isn’t solely about screams and shivers. Many nights beckon with food trucks offering a delicious escape from the fright and live music casting enchanting tunes under the moonlit sky, bringing a lively respite for the brave at heart.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the eerie allure of “No Hope After Dark” summon you to a festival bustling with ghastly glee and whimsical fright. It’s a hauntingly delightful invitation to a Halloween festival like none other! Grab your bravest companions, and unearth the ghostly fun awaiting every mysterious twist and haunting turn. Your journey into the delightful unknown is but a ticket away!



New Hope Train Station, New Hope, PA


100 minutes (approximately)


New Hope, PA to the Unknown!


First Class & Coach Class


We recommend ages 13 and older

Please note, meal service is not included or offered on this excursion.

Dare to venture into the chilling abyss of "No Hope After Dark," an ominous Halloween festival by New Hope Railroad.


  • Making reservations online in advance is recommended, but if needed, self-service kiosk ticket sales are available at our New Hope train station. However, ticket availability isn’t assured.
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  • Please note that fares may vary without prior notice.
  • Every reservation is subject to a processing fee.
  • Please be aware that boarding may be organized by fare class.


For optimal experience and booking options, we highly recommend making reservations online.

Group Seating: We strive to accommodate groups by seating them together on the train as closely as possible. Do share your seating preferences with us before boarding.

Additional excursions and events might be on offer. For a comprehensive view of all options, kindly refer to our complete train and event schedule.


* Duration times are approximate. Fares Are Displayed After Selecting A Class, Fare Level, And Departure Date And Time. Fares vary based on demand, fare level classification, class of service, event/excursion date, event/excursion time, reservation completion date, and other travel preferences. The displayed fare is the lowest available fare at the time/date of the reservation.