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Looking for a unique venue for your birthday party, wedding, or another special occasion?

 Our fleet of historic cabooses might just be the answer.

What Is A Caboose?

Historically, the caboose was used on the ends of freight trains as both the office and quarters for the conductor and brakemen. They contained a desk for paperwork, bunks for overnight, and a stove for cooking and heating, among other basic amenities. These cars also usually featured a cupola on the roof, where the crew would ride to check for hotboxes, abnormal car movement, or any other items seen as potentially hazardous. In use up until the 1980s, computerized end of train devices saw them largely phased out. Today only a handful of cabooses survive, mostly on shortlines and in museums.

A Unique Experience

The members of our caboose fleet date from the early half of the twentieth century. Offering a journey on the rails that few outside of the railroad community could have experienced in days gone by, they are the perfect fit for a small group looking for something different.


Cabooses hold a maximum of fifteen (15) passengers and feature benches and tables, as well as popular upstairs seating within the cupola, offering a view of the rest of the train. The car is climate controlled and staffed by a knowledgeable member of our train crew, ensuring that all passengers have a safe and enjoyable ride, and to answer any questions throughout the trip. These cars can be attached to any of our regularly scheduled trains or as part of a larger privately chartered event, for an addition fee.


Caboose #C127
This car was constructed in 1921 as a wood sided car by the Laconia Car Company of New Hampshire for the Boston & Maine Railroad. The B&M operated it primarily on the ends of local and branch line freights throughout northern New England. In 1959, it was rebuilt with steel siding upon the original frame, and continued serving its original owner well into the 1980s. This historic car became a part of our fleet in 2019.