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Any time is train time!

Trains are quieter than you might think. It’s not safe to assume you will be able to hear a train and get out of the way before it is too late.

We get it. You’re looking for the perfect picture. But whether it’s a silly selfie or a photo with friends, taking pictures on train tracks and all railroad property is more than illegal – it can be deadly. Walking on train tracks is always dangerous and avoidable. Picture this: It’s a clear, quiet day and you find yourself in a scenic area on a railroad track. Think you’ll hear or see an approaching train? Think again. Most of a train’s sound is behind it, so you might not hear it until it’s too late.

The New Hope Railroad is a private business and therefore is private property. Sometimes our trains do not run on a set schedule, and while you may feel that you know the track is not being used, trains can travel on any track, at any time, from either direction. Taking pictures in/on/around railroad tracks and equipment is not only dangerous, but it is also illegal. 

Always put your safety first and expect a train at all times.

Please be smart. Keep yourself and your loved ones off of railroad tracks, and be safe.


All guests with valid reservations are welcome to take pictures anytime, however, please do so in a manner that will not delay train boarding and departure or inconvenience other guests.

Professional photographers, railroad enthusiasts, and other special photography requests, such as professional family portraits and other photoshoots, must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance so that an appropriate time can be scheduled and a safety escort will be available to assist you if needed. There is a non-refundable charge for this service. Please contact our Customer Support Call Center at 215-862-2332 to discuss.

  • Pictures on or between the rails are dangerous and are not allowed anywhere on railroad property, this includes all buildings, railroad tracks, and adjacent railroad property. We never allow – nor do we authorize others to allow – anyone to take pictures on or between the rails on which we operate.
  • You are welcome to photograph our trains from safe and publicly accessible locations such as our stations and public crossings. We do not allow walking on or along the tracks to remote locations for photography purposes.
  • Guests may not climb on or about the cars – including opening gates and traps – without a railroad employee escorting them.
  • Please be respectful of our neighbor’s private property when photographing trains from public locations along the line.
  • Do not park cars near railroad crossings, or otherwise engage in any distraction behavior that could endanger others who are using railroad crossings.
  • The use of remote-controlled model aircraft or drones is prohibited at all railroad property unless previously authorized by railroad management and written authorization is received.

We hope that everyone understands our policies.   In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of railroad photography-related fatalities nationally where trespassers were posing for pictures on railroad tracks. While never having experienced such a tragedy here, we feel it is our obligation to discourage this dangerous behavior.


Always expect a train and look both ways before crossing.

Only cross the tracks at designated railroad crossings, located where the street intersects with the tracks.

Never walk between the rails or areas that are not designated railroad crossings.

Avoid distractions including loud music, texting or talking on cell phones when crossing the railroad tracks.

Stay away from trains and other railroad property, including trestles, yards and equipment.