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"It’s Not The Destination, It’s The Journey"


Enjoy a traditional American railroading experience aboard a vintage 1900s train. Departing from the historic 1891 built witch’s hat train station in downtown New Hope, you will experience a  round trip through historic Bucks County. The route you will travel over was once part of the massive Reading Company system and served as a vital passageway to connect New Hope and the surrounding rural communities with Philadelphia and the rest of the nation.

A variety of seating options are available aboard the Lahaska Limited. Please check our schedule to see what is offered on the day that you wish to ride with us. 

For an especially memorable journey, we suggest a trip in our First Class parlor car or our Private Caboose.


New Hope Train Station, New Hope, PA


1 Hour*
(duration time is approximate)


New Hope, PA to Lahaska, PA


First, Open-Air *, Coach & Private Caboose

*Open-air car is only available during warmer months


All Ages

Please note, meal service is not included or offered on this excursion.


  • Making reservations online in advance is recommended, but if needed, self-service kiosk ticket sales are available at our New Hope train station. However, ticket availability isn’t assured.
  • We provide various event and excursion fares and fare classification tiers. These fares fluctuate based on demand, fare classification level, service class, date and time of the event/excursion, date of reservation completion, and other travel preferences. The fare shown at the time/date of the reservation is the minimum available fare. Adding items to your online shopping cart will show all ticket fares.
  • Changes to your reservation could influence the fare, and extra fees might be applicable when tickets are reissued.
  • If a fare is mistakenly advertised and a ticket is purchased at this incorrect fare, we hold the right to either cancel the ticket for credit towards a future journey or, if asked, reissue the ticket at the correct fare.
  • Please note that fares may vary without prior notice.
  • Every reservation is subject to a processing fee.
  • Please be aware that boarding may be organized by fare class.


For optimal experience and booking options, we highly recommend making reservations online.

Group Seating: We strive to accommodate groups by seating them together on the train as closely as possible. Do share your seating preferences with us before boarding.

Additional excursions and events might be on offer. For a comprehensive view of all options, kindly refer to our complete train and event schedule.


* Please note that provided duration times are estimates. Fares are presented once you’ve chosen a class, fare level, and departure date and time. The fare prices are subject to change based on various factors such as demand, fare level classification, service class, date and time of the event/excursion, when the reservation was completed, and other travel preferences. The fare shown at the time and date of the booking is the lowest available.